About me

I had to realize first, that without mastering the craft of working with leather it is impossible to fulfill any artistic idea.

I have tried many different kinds of leather, various colors, chemicals and technology. At the beginning I also had to create my own tools as it was impossible to buy them. I came to all my knowledge by trial end error.

It took a long time before final result was anywhere close to my idea and sketches on the paper. But eventually, after many years I have found out how to work the leather to have required shape, color and feeling that was close to what I had in my mind.

I have been working as a leather artisan from more than 30 years now. First jewelry I made were small gifts for my wife.

Breakthrough came after my long internship in Jan Brabenec's studio in Vienna in the late 1980s. Approximately since then, I have begun to make larger things like paintings, sculptures, clocks, mirrors, book covers, boxes...

I am trying to change my attitude to work with the coming years. There is less "spectacular colors" and only a beautiful natural material remains ... leather.